Happy Lives: how the literary Canon doesn’t handle sexual assault TW

Well Hi There!

I haven’t scared you away yet? Hmmm. Must be doing something wrong.

Last week I talked about the myth of the tortured creative and why I personally think we need to completely re-work that social narrative. If you’re curious and haven’t see that post,  check it out!

Today I want to talk about a similar, but unrelated topic, specifically the way we deal with survivors of sexual assault in our books, our movies, our TV shows. For obvious reasons this post gets a trigger warning.

*** TRIGGER WARNING*** Discussion of sexual assault, real and fictional. If you or someone you know has been hurt by sexual assault the national sexual assault help line is 1-800-656-4673, or go to www.rainn.org and open their live chat 24-7, whenever you need it.

I’m going to be focusing on literature today, mostly because that is the medium I interact with most as a human. But, the principles I’m discussing largely cross apply to the big and small screens and all other forms of media. Continue reading “Happy Lives: how the literary Canon doesn’t handle sexual assault TW”