Minor Updates Coming

Long story short, I don’t show up in Google and I’m trying to change that.

Hey there!

I’m writing this mostly to let my current readers know that you might see some updates to my current articles and content in the coming weeks. The core content will not change, whats there is there, but I will be going through and doing some keyword optimization and slight adjustments accordingly.
Basically I’m doing an SEO (search engine optimization) audit. What I’m saying isn’t going to change, but I’m going to more closely align what I’m talking about with how people search for those terms. For instance, my articles about what I have been calling the Just World Theory will be replaced with the Just World Phenomenon and the Just World Hypothesis, not because I’m changing subjects, but because those search terms perform better in Google.

I’m telling you this for a couple reasons. For one thing, I don’t want to waste your time re-reading articles that are, at the core, exactly the same as they were. Mostly, though, it is in the interest of transparency. I am attempting to capture some search traffic, which means that from now on my articles are going to go through a SEO process in order to learn what makes my content more accessible on the web.

As part of that process, beyond changing the terminology on my articles slightly, I may also look at altering my current website template, my username will probably change in order to make my writing more searchable, and the click-through menus on the website might change.

I will be working hard to make sure that none of my content is lost in the process, and I am committed to ensuring my integrity as a writer, and the content I produce, remains the same. I will continue writing political commentary, personal essays, and boosting the kinds of cool things other people make and do. If I do it right, you probably won’t even notice the minor changes. Once this process is finished and my website is again in a stable version, and I’m not making minor content and title adjustments, I’m going to take this post down. But, right now, I thought it important to tell you that those minor adjustments are being made.

I hope you’re well.