Cool Things Other People Do: Morning Wood Custom Creations

Hey there!

For a second look at cool things other people do I want to take a look at Morning Wood Custom Creations, a father/daughter duo creating custom wood tables and jewelry. Bonus, like Haunted Mountain these are people I know! Like Haunted Mountain these two are here to follow their passions, make cool stuff, and build a business as strong as their relationship. 

Morning Wood (pun very much intended) focuses on custom work, although they are able to re-create similar pieces if you see something you love on their website. They actually have two different websites, one for their wooden creations (found here) and one for the jewelry side of things, here.

They are also planning a couple stops through the rest of the year, Morning Wood Custom Creations will be at the jewelry show August 11th at Citadel Mall, Colorado Springs, and then November 17th at Pueblo Community College.

For their wooden creations Morning Wood tends toward raw-edge wooden tables, but they are also skilled at creating resin/epoxy tables, and even add glow in the dark features to some of their work:

Or this glow in the dark river (complete with fish painted in the ‘water’)featured in a different table:

glow in the dark table
This one is probably my favorite.

Although tables aren’t the only wood working they do, assorted other crafts also pop up in the workshop from time to time.

Process photo for creating game boards.

As with their woodworking (and company name!) Morning Wood is proud to let their personalities shine in their jewelry as well, creating things like these science-themed earrings that speak to their individual passions,

science earrings
Brain Neurons and Flasks!

As well as in support of good causes,

breast cancer earrings
Breast Cancer Awareness

While also creating high fashion statement pieces,

freshwaterpearl hematite
I love the retro feel with a modern twist.

As well as quirky every-day wear:

mushroom earrings

All of their stuff is fun, hand-crafted, and gorgeous. And again, they accept custom orders, so if you have something in mind, reach out to Morning Wood Custom Creations and see what they can put together for you! They’re sure to rise to the occasion!



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