Cool Things Other People Do: Haunted Mountain

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So, if you’ve read my other posts you’ve probably noticed that I occasionally name and link books and other cool things I’ve found. There’s a reason for that, I think part of being a creator is recognizing and supporting the creative work other people are doing. We’re all part of a community, specifically a community that often relies on a direct connection to the people we’re making things for. When I started this blog I knew that part of what I wanted to do was to find and share the many amazing creators whose hard work makes life just that little bit more fun every day.

So, for my inaugural post of this type I’m choosing a new business (congrats on hitting your one year business anniversary by the way) run by people I know in real life. Haunted Mountain is a small gaming accessory business that specializes in creating tabletop gaming accessories and themed D-20 jewelry. They also write and put out DnD gaming scenarios, most recently their Halls of the Toymaker game module, which is also being featured in a live-stream by Random Encounter Productions, June 4th, 2019 (tomorrow) at 5:30 (watch it here!)

One of the coolest things about this little company is that they aren’t just making the stuff to make money. The creators (who manufacture and create all their content) are certifiable geeks themselves and have a genuine passion for table-top gaming and nerd lore in general. That appreciation really shows in what they create and put out there. Recently they started making a general line of dice trays, quality gaming gear without the higher price tag that comes with custom-designed work.

Geometric Dice Tray
Photo Credit to Haunted Mountain
Get This Dice Tray, here.
Blue Floral Dice Tray
Photo Credit to Haunted Mountain
Get This Dice Tray, here.

On the jewelry side, Haunted Mountain has embraced pride month, creating pride-themed necklaces for our queer friends and allies, like this lovely purple D-20 creation:

Purple Price Necklace
Photo Credit to Haunted Mountain
Buy It here. (while supplies last)

Their selection of necklaces reaches far beyond pride-themed creations, however, from beautiful jewelry that could be worn as a statement piece to deliciously nerdy creations that show off your love of gaming or connect with your favorite characters and monsters.

But, as with all great craftsmen, Haunted Mountain also picks up the occasional custom, like this recently finished, unique, Green Lantern Dice Tray:

Green Lantern Dice Tray
Photo Credit to Haunted Mountain


Or, a favorite of mine, their Vecna’s Head Tray, which is steeped in both DnD lore and humor.

Vecna Dice Tray
Photo Credit to Haunted Mountain

Honestly, I can’t say enough about this company. I’ve been impressed every step of the way watching them launch and grow and create, not only with the products themselves, but with the love and attention that is brought to those products. All I can say is this, if you are a gamer, know and love a gamer, or are just tired of dice rolling off the table during family board games, think of Haunted Mountain.

Haunted Mountain’s Etsy store.

Their Website:




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