Unity Women’s Village

Hey, Everyone!


So I recently had a friend get the opportunity to go to Kenya (I know you’re jealous because I sure am), and they got to visit this place, the Unity Women’s Village, which was just too cool not to share.

Find out more at their website.

But basically this is a small village of Samburu women, each of whom has experienced the challenges of being a woman in Kenya in one way or another, living independently with their children. They complete all the tasks through the day of a typical Samburu life, including taking on masculine roles like herding animals, in addition to welcoming visitors to their home and making and selling bead jewelry (find their Etsy here.).

I’m just really excited to see things like this and thought more people should know. And who knows, maybe at some point down the line I’ll be writing a post about having gone there.

What do you think?



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